It’s a new day and new experiences at Wisdomland. Today, the children from District 6 Campus have immersed themselves in a life skills class called “Seasonal Fashion” to understand the different features of each season and transform into “Fashionistas” by selecting outfits that are suitable for each season and expressing their unique styles.

The teachers have meticulously prepared a variety of outfits for every season and occasion. The children’s keen discernment was evident in this class as they carefully chose which outfits were appropriate for each occasion, from the freshness of spring to the dynamism of summer, the coolness of autumn, and the chilly days of winter.

Furthermore, the children exercised their creativity by engaging in the activity of independently coordinating their attire based on seasonal themes. These fashion ensembles are not just colorful garments but also small narratives that reflect the individual personalities of each child. Under the sunlight and amidst the vibrant colors,, the children have created adorable moments and expressed the uniqueness of each season.

Wisdomland believes that this activity not only enhances the children’s knowledge of weather but also cultivates their personal fashion sense, encourages independence, fosters creative thinking, and promotes the freedom of expression.
After this lesson, remember to choose outfits appropriate for each season for a more complete and enjoyable experience!

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