Everything is ready, so why hesitate? Quickly register to join the Open Day at Wisdomland this June!

Unlike previous Open Days, to match the “fiery” atmosphere of summer, Wisdomland will bring an extraordinary playground, also known as an English club – where children have the opportunity to develop their English skills through beneficial activities and interactions with specialized English teachers from Wisdomland.

Mark your calendars for this Saturday (June 15, 2024)
Time: 8:45 AM – 11:30 AM
Location: Wisdomland Binh Thanh, Wisdomland Go Vap & Wisdomland District 6.

With the theme “Underwater Odyssey,” this event promises to provide children with unforgettable experiences and moments! From immersing themselves in the world of underwater art and challenging themselves with thrilling physical games to learning and exploring to enhance their English skills while enjoying a fun-filled weekend.

Especially, Open Day offers children wonderful opportunities to:

  • Meet new friends who share a passion for English and the ocean.
  • Practice English skills creatively and enjoyably.
  • Learn more about the fascinating underwater world.
  • Participate in creative art activities and exciting physical activities.

See you there at Open Day!

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