Every day coming to school, every lessons at Wisdomland, is like a door opening to a new world, awaiting the children to explore the fresh wonders of the knowledge world.
Through the eyes of a child, the science discovery class provides the children with conventional knowledge and unveils intriguing aspects of daily life. They are not just watching, learning, and playing; most importantly, they are experiencing things on their own.

Surely, there’s nothing more wonderful than when children engage in beneficial experiments, thus developing their logical thinking, observation, and analysis, aren’t they? Thanks to the experiences science brings, Wisdomland’s children are gradually becoming more confident in their abilities, opening doors to pursue dreams and aspirations. They can be talented scientists or exceptional innovators, making valuable contributions to society’s development.

The exploration of science in early childhood is not just about acquiring knowledge but also encompasses various emotions such as enthusiasm, wonder, and joy derived from research and discovery. Wisdomland is delighted to be a companion, learning, playing, and journeying alongside the children on this developmental path. Let’s continue to explore more fascinating discoveries together in the future!

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