Wisdomland School Message

Wisdomland Preschool is a unique and meaningful early childhood education program. Once you experience our educational approach, we believe you will find it essential. Children at Wisdomland Preschool enjoy the benefit of exposure to both, Vietnamese and international context, culture and tradition. English language is not just an addition but an integral part of the learning experience and daily routine. We understand that this could be the first school experience for your child, and we want them (and you!) to feel comfortable. We know that enrolling in school is a big decision, so we invite you to come see our campuses and meet us in person!


Ms. Huong

Louis is intelligent but stubborn, because he is used to getting love from family members. After spending a few months at school, I can tell he has experienced a lot of changes! He is more stable and willing to play with his peers and younger children. He shares his toys more readily and has good behavior with members of the family he hasn’t met before. He has learned more English and Vietnamese and he has memorized a lot through playing smart games. He is independent, but still listens, and this makes me happy. When we moved from Germany to Vietnam, I was worried I would not find a great school for Louis, but I did! The first time I visited the school, I didn’t hear any yelling, I didn’t see any cameras or televisions, and I felt that I could trust the school completely. The teachers are gentle and kind and I feel that Wisdomland Preschool is in line with Germany’s educational approach.  

Ms. Hoang Anh

We enrolled our daughter when she was 11 months old, and we are so happy with this decision! The staff and teachers helped her settle into her routine quickly thanks to their nurturing, friendly, and professional manner. We have seen her communication and interpersonal skills develop immensely. Wisdomland Preschool is our recommendation to all parents who want their children to grow in a safe, fun, and thriving learning environment.

Ms. Thu Phuong

I visited many schools before I decided to enroll my son in Wisdomland. I think the Reggio Emilia philosophy and aesthetic is a good match for our family and I really like the green space of the school. I have been very reassured because all the teachers and staff at the school are very kind, even the bus driver. They really love children and have a psychological understanding of children’s needs. I am very happy my child studies at Wisdomland Preschool.

Ms. Kim Oanh

Since Huy has been at Wisdomland Preschool, he is happier and he has learned how to show his emotions to his friends and others around him. The teachers are taking very good care of him!

Ms. Phuong

My son is now so well-behaved. Everyone in my family has commented on how he has improved himself – the way he engages with his peers, the way he thinks, and the way he reacts to problems have all improved. His father says we were lucky to find such a suitable preschool for our child. His big sister even asked me “Why couldn’t you have had me after my brother so I could go to this school too?”

Ms. Ai Lan

My older daughter went to a different preschool before, and I wanted to enroll her younger sister. However, they did not accept children at 18 months old. After a search, I found Wisdomland and enrolled both of my children so they could learn together. This was a great decision! My older daughter tells me every night how much she wants to go to school in the morning. She tells us many imaginative stories about her day and really loves her teachers. My younger daughter is also growing up at Wisdomland! She knows how to feed herself, express her feelings, put her shoes on the shelf, and say goodbye to her grandparents before going to school. Everything is taken care of, I love the green spacious campus, and I am confident to send my daughters to Wisdomland every day.

Mr. Chinh

Teachers at Wisdomland Preschool are very kind and joyful. The classrooms and play spaces are high quality and the playground and facilities are clean and child-friendly. My child has been attending this preschool for three years and has become more independent, confident, and dynamic.


Our school is open from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
Please contact us at info@wisdomlandpreschool.com to set up your guided tour today.