To ensure that children absorb and experience the practical aspects of the learning theme, Wisdomland always emphasizes the motto “Learning through practice,” combining the theory of the educational program with practical activities to make each lesson lively and memorable.

In this theme, “Traffic Safety,” children at Wisdomland had the opportunity to understand the basic principles of traffic participation and engage in creative lessons to create familiar modes of transportation. This ignites their passion for creativity and logical thinking.

Under the enthusiastic guidance and smooth coordination of Wisdomland teachers, children are thrilled to participate in every activity, from gathering materials, designing, and decorating to completing their adorable “cars.” Additionally, they reenact the process of participating in safe traffic and bond with friends through play and learning together.

The joy on the faces of the children during learning, as they admire the fruits of their efforts, is the clearest evidence of Wisdomland’s success in educating children. Hopefully, the knowledge and skills gained in this theme will help them stay safe when participating in traffic and become valuable members of society.

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