No More Boring English Lessons: Wisdomland’s “Learning Through Play” Method Nurtures Natural Language Development in Children

According to experts, the age range from 20 months to 8 years old is a crucial period for language development, with the ages of 4 – 5 being the “golden time” to learn English. However, teaching English to young children, especially at the preschool age, often encounters many challenges. Therefore, to create a positive and engaging English learning environment for children, Wisdomland has implemented the “Learning Through Play” method to help children develop English skills naturally and effectively.

Learning English through games and real-life activities is a highly effective and enjoyable learning method for children, which is also a key element in preschool education. By participating in games, children will learn English vocabulary and sentence structures more naturally and enjoyably. This reflects children’s natural inclination to play and their desire for exploration.

Moreover, the open and engaging learning environment at Wisdomland is where children are encouraged to express their ideas freely in English, under the dedicated guidance of experienced teachers. As a result, children not only develop their creativity but also enhance their language skills and confidence in using English in real-life communication.

Thanks to the English classes at Wisdomland, students will:
✦ Unleash their creative potential: Wisdomland will be the cradle to nurture and encourage children to explore, experiment, and express themselves freely.
✦ Enhance English language skills: The structured program combined with the “Learning Through Play” method helps children naturally absorb the language, similar to learning their mother tongue.
✦ Comprehensive development: Language skills, critical thinking, communication skills, and other soft skills are honed through various diverse learning activities.

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