Butterflies fly,
Perching on flower branches,
Showcasing their beautiful wings,
Radiant in millions of hues.
Today, let’s embark on a journey of creativity and vibrant colors with Wisdomland – District 6 campus to explore the space of our “butterfly friends” and create beautiful butterfly wings together!

Old carton covers reused, watercolor palettes, and colorful stained glass papers – seemingly simple materials yet essential ingredients to craft our multicolored butterfly wings. With the gentle guidance of the teachers, little hands begin the meticulous task of cutting and shaping butterfly wings, immersing themselves in endless creative possibilities.

As the class finishes, the diverse array of colorful butterfly wings adorning each child’s back is not merely the result of creativity but also a reflection of their pride. Wisdomland wants every child to know that the power of imagination has no bounds, so let your imagination fly freely like the multicolored butterflies experiencing the expanse of the sky.

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