The art subject plays a significant role in stimulating the emotional and cognitive development of children, especially in the field of music. Music is not only a means of entertainment but also crucial in fostering the brain development of children, helping them express creativity and have enjoyable experiences in life.

At Wisdomland International Preschool, children are taught and experience music through various musical instruments commonly used in music such as drums, piano, and guitar. Through these musical instruments, children are encouraged to engage with melodies, music pieces, or songs filled with joy.

In this activity, with just simple musical instruments, children have come together to form an adorable “Little Band” with someone playing the drums, someone playing the piano or guitar. This band has collectively created cheerful and unique melodies.
This music exploration experience is not just a part of the learning process but also a meaningful journey of discovery and growth for children at Wisdomland International Preschool.

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