Whenever Lunar New Year approaches, the traditional Tet feast of the Vietnamese people is incomplete without the iconic Vietnamese square sticky rice cake (bánh chưng) and cylindrical sticky rice cake (bánh tét). Intending to help children better understand the significance of the traditional Tet day, Wisdomland Binh Thanh organized an activity imbued with the atmosphere of Tet – The “Wrap Vietnamese cylindrical sticky rice cake” activity to Celebrate the 2024 Lunar New Year.

Under the teacher’s guidance, the children filled with excitement, eagerly joined hands to carry out this interesting activity, from preparing ingredients, and making fillings to personally wrapping the cakes. As a result, the children gained hands-on experience and accumulated various life skills, understanding the necessary ingredients for wrapping the cakes, such as clean banana leaves, glutinous rice, green beans, and pork; wrapping the Vietnamese cylindrical sticky rice cake…

There is nothing more delightful than witnessing the happy and proud faces of innocent children upon completing the cakes. The beautiful, fragrant, and delicious cakes are not merely a reflection of the children’s enthusiasm but also serve as cherished memories of joyful Tet moments at Wisdomland.

Through this enjoyable activity, the children learned more than just making cakes; they learned about sharing, cooperation, and the traditional values of Vietnamese Tet. At Wisdomland, the school always provides opportunities for children to not only learn through practical activities but also experience important spiritual values. Each lesson and each experience of the children is a meaningful and memorable journey, making Tet a beautiful time in their hearts.

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