Wisdomland Promise

Our promise is to educate young children in a meaningful way and to give them a strong foundation to life-long learning. Children are cared for, celebrated, and truly loved at Wisdomland. We believe in the merits of children developing at their own individual pace and we provide an environment built on respect and trust.

Wisdomland core values



Our teachers guide children to show respect to their families and friends through kindness and honesty. We teach children to respect their teachers, but we also instruct teachers to respect children; their feelings, their skills, and their personalities.


2.Cultural Appreciation.


Wisdomland recognizes the beauty and strength of Vietnamese culture and affirms the need for Vietnamese teachers and Vietnamese language instruction. Children learn to value their communities and origins in a variety of ways.




By interacting with Vietnamese and foreign teachers, classmates, and an array of creative resources, our students develop confidence in themselves. Confidence leads to curiosity, which we always encourage! We believe that this early confidence precipitates future academic success.




At Wisdomland, we teach children how to do things on their own. We gently nudge children to try, try, and try again so they develop courage and perseverance and realize how much they can do for themselves. We provide assistance whenever needed, but we place emphasis on personal development and maturity.




Our emphasis on self-awareness sets us apart. We are certain that children can understand complex topics and learn how to take care of their environment. We want to help children become mindful of themselves and their world.




Every child that attends our preschool will have constant adult supervision and we take every precaution possible to ensure maximum safety. For more information, please see our Wisdomland Safety Standards.


Wisdomland Safety Standards

Food – All of your child’s meals will be made with fresh ingredients in our sanitized and private kitchen. We do not use canned foods or leftovers from the previous day. We create monthly menus based on children’s nutritional needs and maintain an updated list of food allergies and restrictions. No children are allowed in the kitchen unless for a pre-approved cooking lesson. Our chefs are well-trained and wear professional kitchen attire to ensure proper hygiene.

Toys and Learning Materials – All of your child’s toys are chosen following category 3141 of the Ministry of Public Health & Education. All wooden or block toys are from famous and trustworthy brands. Toys are regularly checked and removed if broken.

Classrooms and Equipment – Our lighting system, chairs and tables, art supplies, and other equipment are all designed with safety in mind. We periodically perform safety checks and health and safety drills.

Supervision – Children are under adult supervision at all times, especially during swimming, scissor practice, and gym play. Teachers accompany children to the toilet and stay alert during naptime. Our campuses are secure and child-friendly.

Board of governors

  • Michael Osswald, Chairman

    • Founder of Wisdomland Preschools
    • Former CEO of the European International School of Ho Chi Minh City
    • Years of leadership experience in education and business in Vietnam

    Mark Rees

    • Head of leading international middle school in Ho Chi Minh City
    • Experienced educator and leader

    Dr. Kurt Berlin

    • Founder and Managing Director of Wisdomland Preschool
    • Member of Stepke Group in Germany
    • Co-Founder of Nobel Education Network and Phorms International Schools